Southerndown Surf School

 Surf at Southerndown beach on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast

We offer quality surfing lessons and equipment hire, from half day lessons, weekend courses and one to one instruction, for adults, children and youth clubs.

We instruct individuals, party bookings, couples, families, women's weekends, schools, youth groups, colleges and universities and many more!

Southerndown Surf School provides the opportunity to experience the exhilarating sport of surfing to all ages using the ISA proven surf instruction course, we will teach complete beginners how to catch, stand up and ride waves in just one lesson.

Students are supplied with quality wetsuits and surfboards suitable for the conditions. Full instruction is given on the beach where students get used to their boards, are given safety tips and practice their techniques on the sand before riding the waves. Buzz magazine had a lesson us last year, here is the video.

Lessons last 21⁄2 hours. We ensure you spend as much time surfing as possible.